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Mansour Diop Mansour Diop is born in Dakar, Senegal, from the famous griot family Sing Sing (Mandingue mother, Sérère father).

He was trained at an early age by Badje Faye of “Sing Sing Rythmes”, then by the founders of “Le Ballet National du Senegal” in particular Ibrahima Cissé, Mariama N'gom, Mamadou Conaté, ..) Later in 1994 he took part in the tour in the U.S. with “le ballet Cinéméo”.

Jo-Raphaël Bouzinzou took him on as a polyvalent dancer for the international tour with “Goree mon histoire”. Since then he continued his route worldwide (Africa, the US, Europe).  In 1999 he decided to settle in France and creating his own group DOM'U AFRICA, to whom belonged the best dancers and percussionists from the world (Cheikh Diop, Cheikh Fall, Ibou Diop, Samba Diop …).  

In 2001 he also demonstrated his talents as a choreographer and director in in the production MOM SA BOB.

He also works on various artistic projects such as singing (CD in preparation), dance (Sweden, USA, Europe), choreography (MOM SA BOB) and he also performs as a teacher in dance and percussion lessons.


Mansour Diop Mansour DiopMansour DiopMansour Diop